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(经纬智能纺织机械有限公司,山西 晋中  030601)
摘要:为了提高纺纱品质和速度,介绍JWF1618型转杯纺纱机机电一体化半自动接头系统、新型传动机构等的创新改进以及冷拉精拔、电化学抛光等制造装配工艺、质量控制及主要技术规格;以纺制OE 27.8 tex和OE 36.4 tex纱为例说明该机型生产纯棉纱质量稳定、条干良好的纺纱效果,并分析说明该机型存在不足及改进建议。指出:JWF1618型转杯纺纱机具有单锭计长功能,可简化操作并降低失误率,具有生产速度快、接头质量高、纺纱品质优等优势,适宜小批量、多品种生产,纺纱质量稳定在USTER 2013公报25%水平以内,稳定纺纱速度为100 kr/min。
关键词:JWF1618型转杯纺纱机;电子凸轮;半自动接头系统;双面排杂;冷拉精拔;电化学抛光;三维测量;专用加工线;OE 27.8 tex纱;OE 36.4 tex纱
中图分类号:TS104.7+1          文献标志码:B          文章编号:1001-9634(2022)S1-0008-03
作者简介:苏  伟(1976—),男,山西榆次人,工程师,主要从事转杯纺纱机开发等方面的工作。
Development and Application of JWF1618 Rotary Spinning Machine
SU Wei
(Jingwei Intelligent Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd.,Jinzhong 030601,China)
Abstract:In order to improve the spinning quality and speed,the innovation and improvement of  electromechanical semi-automatic piecing system and new transmission mechanism,and the manufacturing and assembly process,quality control and main technical specifications,such as cold drawing and finishing drawing,electrochemical polishing and so on,are introduced.An example of spinning OE 27.8 tex yarn and OE 36.4 tex yarn shows that the quality of pure cotton yarn produced by this machine is stable and the evenness is good,and the shortcomings and improvement suggestions of the model are analyzed and explained.It is pointed out that JWF1618 rotary spinning machine has the function of single spindle count,which can simplify the operation and reduce the error rate.It has the advantages such us fast production speed,high piecing quality,excellent spinning quality,suitable for small batch and multi-variety production.The spinning quality is stable within 25% level of USTER 2013 bulletin and the stable spinning speed is 100 kr/min.
Key Words:JWF1618 rotor spinning machine;electronic cam;semi-automatic piecing system;double-sided impurity discharging;cold drawing and fine drawing;electrochemical polishing;three dimensional measurement;special processing line;OE 27.8 tex yarn;OE 36.4 tex yarn
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