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陈玉峰1,王  2,贺伟娜2
(1.光山白鲨针布有限公司,河南 光山465450;2.舞钢银龙纺织集团有限公司,河南 舞钢462500)
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Design Concept and Application Effect of MCC Wire of Cylinder with DS Toothed
CHEN Yufeng1,WANG Ping2,HE Weina2
(1.Guangshan White Shark Card Co.,Ltd.,Guangshan 465450,China;2.Wugang Yinlong Textile Group Co.,Ltd.,Wugang 462500,China)
Abstract:To achieve high quality and high efficiency of carding production for better yarn quality,this paper introduces the clothing design concept of combining the straight front and big top of MCC wire of cylinder with DS toothed,as well as the carding advantages of the straight front,the big top,the bottom arc and the big pitch.Comparison is done to the advantages of machine-picked cotton,long staple cotton and fine staple cotton in relation to other specifications of cylinder.The results show that the cylinder with DS toothed series can reduce the growth rate of neps and short fibers in sliver,increase the clearance rate of neps and impurities,improve yarn evenness and thicks,solving the problems with the carding machine ofhigh quality,high efficiency and high production such as load increasing,carding capacity decreasing,short grinding cycle of the second hardness measuring point of cylinder and short service life.
Key Words:DS toothed;cylinder;carding effect;fiber damage;tooth top;high-yield carding machine; machine-picked cotton;long staple cotton;fine staple cotton
[2]张文赓,郁崇文.梳理的基本理论[M].上海:东华大学出版社, 2012:36-42.



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